ROPS Re-Certification — Inspected and Insured

A Rapid, Safe, Cost-Effective Solution

Engineer Approved ROPS Repairs

Our Easy 4-Step ROPS Re-Certification

Step 1: Pre-Check

You send us pictures of the cab that needs to re-certified and our Professional Engineer will determine if our ROPS Re-Certification is an option.

Step 2: On-Site Check & Repair

Our Inspector will come to your location as soon as possible. This is an essential facet of our process because we inspect and certify the entire cab. The Inspector works with your certified welder and our PE to ensure that the structural integrity of the ROPS is restored.

Step 3: Engineer Approval

Our Professional Structural Engineer reviews the repair immediately to assure same day approval.

Step 4: Placard and Certificate

After approval, you’ll receive a new Metal Placard of Compliance along with a safety certificate from our licensed structural engineer (P.E. / S.E.).


Did You Know?

Any repair or unauthorized modification made to the OEM Roll-Over Protection Structure can result in voiding the ROPS certification. Something as simple as drilling holes to hang a radio or fire extinguisher, unless approved by the manufacturer or a registered professional engineer, can be a problem. When your equipment needs ROPS repairs, Cabs Rops & Attachments (CRA) provides ROPS Recertification.



Inspections, Repairs, and Certifications

A voided ROPS certification is a costly situation. You can’t afford to have your expensive equipment out of service due to structural damage.  So, as an expert manufacturer of protective work safety structures, CRA knows what it takes to keep your heavy equipment up, running, and OSHA compliant.

Structural Repair Services

CRA has repaired ROPS (Roll-Over Protection Structures) for the mining, construction, farming, dredging, and other industries. Whatever industry you’re in and whatever ROPS you need repaired, we have the experience you need to get back up and running.



Structural Repair and ROPS Certification Services

CRA provides ROPS Certification services to help you get back to work and we know OSHA and MSHA regulations. Let us take care of the documentation and formal certification work. We take all the right steps to get your equipment back in compliance as soon as possible.

Certificate of Liability Insurance

We provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance with $4,000,000 coverage and will name your company as additional insured upon request.

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