Our Cabs


We build custom cabs with a personal touch!

Whatever you're looking for, chances are we build it! Here's a list of just some of the cabs we frequently build for our valued customers:

  • Crane Cabs
  • Operator Control Room Cabs
  • Heavy Equipment Cabs
  • Construction and Aggregate Cabs
  • Material Handling Cabs
  • Dredger Cabs
  • Pilot Houses
  • Guard Houses
  • Control Booths
  • On-site Cabs
  • Observation Cabs
  • Control Houses
  • Control Rooms
  • Or Anything Else You Can Dream Up!

Our Heavy Equipment Cabs Are Built With:

  • High-strength 2″ x 2″ tubing
  • 14 gauge sheeting
  • Diamond plate flooring
  • Laminated Safety-glass windows

Custom Add - Ons Include:

  • 1″ Sound Suppression
  • Rubber Flooring
  • Insulation
  • Overhang/Rain Guards
  • Internal/External Lighting
  • AC/Heater Units
  • Counters/Shelving/Storage
  • Sliding Windows
  • Tinted Plexiglass Windows
  • And More!
a white control cab built by cabs rops and attachments with 12 large windows, 3 on each side of the cab, on a dark sunset sky background

Whatever You Need It For, a CRA Cab is the Right Choice

CRA is a heavy equipment cabs and control rooms manufacturer. The benefits of a high-quality operator cab are to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your workers. The result is increased efficiency while decreasing risk.

When your workers are comfortable they are able to focus on their task at hand. If they’re uncomfortable, the result will be more breaks, more distractions, and reduced efficiency. CRA cabs can function as the legally required ROP or FOP for your implement as they meet the relevant OSHA regulations.

Whether you’re in need of heavy equipment cabs and control rooms, operator booths, crane control houses, observation towers, crusher cabs, heat/cold exposure relief units, portable offices, or any other observation or control cab, we will make it happen. If one of our existing products doesn’t meet your needs we will work with you to manufacture a custom cab to your specifications.